Employee engagement

Employee engagement

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Employee engagement

Engaged employees perform better, stay longer, and have a positive influence in the workplace. We seek to build a culture across our companies that supports and promotes employee engagement, and career development.

Employee engagement is even more important in the infrastructure sector, as many employees have deep technical expertise. Keeping these employees engaged and committed is crucial as their skills and expertise are highly sought after.

Maintaining their capability is an important part of business resilience particularly in the tight labour markets seen in recent years. It is also an important part of ensuring our essential services are delivered safely and reliably.

We therefore ask all portfolio companies to

Conduct regular employee engagement surveys

Develop their people


‍Addressing the UK’s STEM skills gap

enfinium is the largest pure play energy-from-waste (EfW) company in the UK.

In 2022, the company launched a new apprenticeship programme that aims to help address a key skills gap in the UK around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Four apprentices joined the Mechatronics Operations Engineering Technician (MOET) apprenticeship programme in 2022. They each receive 1 year of practical workshop and classroom study at state-of-the-art training provider CATCH, followed by a further two years of on-the-job training at enfinium facilities.

Apprentices that successfully complete the programme will achieve formal diploma qualifications. The programme’s success has encouraged enfinium to expand it in future to the company’s two facilities under construction, in Leeds and Birmingham.

This case study has been chosen as an illustrative example of the work undertaken across our portfolio companies. Improving governance initiatives are being actively implemented across all companies in our portfolio and we would be happy to provide further information on these upon request. Data source: portfolio companies and Igneo analysis.

enfinium recruitment campaign

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Climate change

As long-term term infrastructure investors, it is vital that we manage the risks and opportunities presented by climate change and the energy transition.

Minimum standard 3


We recognise the importance and benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Good governance relates to the quality of a company’s management systems and its ability to manage risks and opportunities.

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